Make your phone ring with
new customers.

Make your phone ring with new customers.

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Stop wasting time and money chasing down dead-end leads. Datalot's revolutionary platform turns mobile and web traffic into live calls pre-screened by our own US-based phone concierge agents. Pay-as-you-go with no contracts or long term commitments. Generating new business could not be simpler or more cost effective.

You select your target call criteria

Set scheduling and geographic filters, as well as a variety of advanced targeting options. You are in control of what calls to receive and when.

We generate consumer inquiries

Our expert team of digital marketers run mobile search and web click-to-call ad campaigns for the products or services you sell.

We qualify your prospects

Our concierge phone agents screen the calls with custom qualifying questions that you can choose before handing the calls off to you.

You receive a warm call hand-off

Our phone agents do a warm hand-off of the qualified call to your sales team. You only pay for calls you receive that match your criteria.

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Grow your business.

Datalot is the leader in pay-per-call advertising for the insurance industry. Our real-time call marketplace can deliver the exact type of customers you are looking for directly into your existing sales process. Spend less of your time and money on marketing campaigns, and more time closing new sales.

Generate new sales at the flip of a switch.

Receive calls on your own schedule.

Take guesswork out of your advertising.

Pay only for qualified calls you receive.

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We can partner with any CRM provider to allow for seamless data transferring during a live call handoff.
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